Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uniqueness Box

My son brought this home the other Sunday from church. It's called a uniqueness box. Or at least that is what it said on the paper. It's also like his own little prayer'll see why...

He was so excited to show me all the different sides of it. Especially the one he drew of Songbird:

He even included one of our dog and one of himself.

Then I opened the box and my heart melted into a puddle:

There they were. Three simple prayers of a child. In case you need translating, they say:

-Please keep them safe while they are gone
-Please keep my mom and dad safe in Russia
-Please keep my sister safe

Yeah, I know we need to work a bit on the spelling, but for right now? I do not care. It's the thought and simple plea of a child in prayer.

I am not sure my heart will ever leave it's puddled state....

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  1. That might be the sweetest thing I've heard all year!!!