Friday, December 17, 2010

Silly Emotional Gift Wrap

I just got silly emotional over wrapping a gift for my son.

It's not the gift (although I think it's awesome he wants one of those wooden drawing manikins...and it came WITH a beginners drawing kit...) I got emotional over, but the actual wrapping of it.

I know. It's sounds so odd, but the reason goes back to memories of my Gramma. Thankfully she is still with us, but she is not the younger Gramma I once knew.

It's hard. She taught me how to sew buttons, how to use a sewing machine and read a pattern. She taught me how to cook the most wonderful family recipes that I so cherish along with so, so many other wonderful things. Too many to list in one blog post. She is the woman who practically raised me.


She taught me how to wrap gifts. She was so perfect at it! I begged her to teach me, and with much love and with everything she has ever done...she taught me.

I remember....I must have been around my son's age now....I asked her HOW she was able to wrap so darn good! And she told me, one year, she worked in gift wrap when she was a younger.

She explained how it wasn't just the wrapping job, but the wrapping paper one chooses. She also told me to take my time and not rush time I would get the hang of it and would be able to do it as she did.

I eventually got the hang of it, but I don't think I will ever do it quite like she could.

So, why does this make me so emotional?! I can only attribute it to her not being able to do these things like she once could.

Her hands are more frail and she cannot sew with me as she once did, because she cannot see very well now. She cannot cook, walk, bake pies or cook a whole Christmas dinner like she used to any longer.

It almost completely breaks my heart.....I miss her. I miss the Gramma that could play soccer with my son and stand and bake pies with me all day in preparation for the holidays. I know it sounds so selfish, but it's true.

This past Thanksgiving? It was the first year we were not able to bake pies together....

I chose not to bake any pies. I also got sick, so I was not necessarily able to anyway. But....

But! This Christmas? My sister, niece and I are going to get together and bake. I know my Gramms won't be able to, but she will be here with us too. She is still pretty good at directing...

I pray we have many more years together....but...I will cherish the ones we have now.

And gift wrap? It may always make me cry and little.

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  1. That is so happy that you have so many great memories and so sad that she can't do these things anymore. I just visited my grandmother in a nursing home last week and she is now wheelchair bound and has alzheimers. It was hard not to see her old spunky self. But, the memories will always be there for you to pass on.