Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Gnomes

I seem to go through thread pretty quickly while making lots of fun coffee cuffs...

In one particularly busy month, I got quite the collection of empty spools. I thought to myself there must be something I can make with these! Then, I happened upon a tutorial that, for the life of me, I cannot find now! If I do, I will certainly post it here...if these look familiar and you know where in blogland it is, feel free to share in the comments so credit can be properly given.

Meanwhile...empty spools. And gnomes. Serious fun and cuteness when adding a bit of felt, wooden head-dealy's and a marker.


I took my empty spool, glued the heady-ball dealy on (yes, I just called it that...let's just go with it):

Then I took some felt and glued together some cute little clothes and hat for them. Then took a marker and added a face...and voila!

Cute little gnome family. They make me happy.
And yes, that littlest one IS meant to be Songbird. :)

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