Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Q&A Time Part 1

Okay, so you asked and I promised to answer!

So here goes....with just some added bonus info for fun. :)

Andrea asked:

what is something that gives you daily (or almost daily) inspiration?

Without a doubt, my son. He has inspired so much from the beginning of Little Bird. Actually, without him Little Bird wouldn't exist!

Other than my fun side-kick son, nature, textiles and different fabric prints can sometimes spark an idea that then starts morphing into more of a project of some sort.

And Craft Micahroni asked:

My question is, how close are you to bringing your little one home?

Well, closer than we were last week, but with two trips (trip one coming up SOON just next month!) and a court date, it's still going to be a while. However, we do think it will be by years end...

K, last one for the day...

eileensideways asked:

u are standing in line to buy a book, what book are you buying?

Ah, great question! Being in both the adoption mind set as well as crafting, I will need to pick two!

This one:

Sewing Bits and Pieces: 35 Projects Using Fabric Scraps


This one:

Adopted For Life

Oh! AND...she also asked:

if u didn't know how old you were, what age would u want to be? and why?

I think 27. It was just a great year that I can remember. My little boy was then turning two and becoming quite fun! It was also a good year in learning a lot more about who I was and where I was going, both as a wife and mother. Yeah, I liked that year....and the ones after have not been too bad either! ;)

OKAY and a totally random "get to know more about Jaime than you ever wanted to" bonus:

I love chinese food. When we go to eat chinese food, I cannot eat without using chopsticks! Why? Because I grew up going at least every one of my Gramms birthdays to a chinese restaurant and when I was 7, my cousin Mark and I decided to try them out. I've never stopped using them since! And my son? He started using them at about 4yrs. :)

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