Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little Q&A Part 2

Okay....more answers to your lovely questions!

From the fabulous Janna who asked:

1. Who taught you how to sew?

2. Which part of your triathlon are you most worried about (swim, bike or run)?

3. How did you and your husband meet?

Oh and will that pouch hold diapers? :)

To answer #1: My Gramms for the most part! The rest I kinda just gathered and had plenty of trial and error through! :)

For #2: I have to say the swim. I am not worried about the distance, but the water....I am NOT a fan of swimming in lakes. *shudder*. And I have to say I have a little anxiety about the bike, even though I LOVE riding my bike, I decided ( with my sister's suggestion) to go check out the bike route for the race....bad idea for me. I am better NOT knowing what I am in for and just bite the bullet the day of. Get the distance training in and just go for it, but my sister is opposite. She likes it all mapped out. BUT! Then, I have had three more weeks to think about some daunting hills....let's not think about it any more shall we?! ;) I know I am as ready as I can be though....and I am just gonna imagine I am in a swimming pool....not a warm icky lake....

OK....and for #3: My hubby and I actually met through mutual friends in HS. Then we starting going to the same church, became good friends and a year later started dating....been together ever since! I know, not a super exciting story by any means, but I'll take it!

Oh, and no, it won't hold diapers. It's just a little zippy pouch great for cosmetics or the like. :)

AND, for the total random bonus:

I absolutely hate doing dishes. Despise it. However, I do not mind putting them away.....I know, totally weird.

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  1. Awwwww, high school sweethearts. That's sweet. :)

    The swim is the only part of my tri that I am not worried about. I can't wait to read your recap. Good Luck!

    Thanks for answering my questions!