Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Thread That Wasn't

So, I needed to sew some patches on my boy's TaeKwonDo uniform. I have used invisible thread (yes, there is such a thing) before for similar things in the past and thought it would be super handy to use for this! Problem is, I didn't have any on hand. So, to the fabric store I headed. I needed a few other supplies anyway.

They had the invisible thread that I needed. I bought it and went on my way.

Somehow between getting it home, thinking I put it up and the spool holder with all my other thread, and the several days that passed before I got around to actually sewing them on, it disappeared. I have no clue where it disappeared to, but I could NOT find it ANYWHERE.

So, today, I went back to the store and grabbed some more.

I got home, swear I took it out of the bag and set it down right next to my sewing machine and when I went to use it to thread the! I am not kidding. I seriously thought I had lost my mind. I searched all over my craft studio...everywhere! It was just gone. Disappeared again. I know it's called invisible thread, but come on! It's not actually invisible. I thought maybe it fell off the sewing table, on the floor, but no. It's was just gone.

So what's a gal to do?! I sat down and cried. Just kidding (no seriously I was awful). Then, I took a break and went and grabbed a piece of my Dove dark chocolate from the pantry. Chocolate always helps, right?!

So, I sat and enjoyed my little chocolate moment. Then, I pulled on my big girl pants and went back in that studio and was bound and determined to NOT be beat by this.

I took a long hard look at my thread and just made it work with what I had. There was black on the outside of the patch and the uniform is white, so black for the top thread and white for the bobbin.

I made it work. I refused to be beaten by disappearing invisible thread darn it!

And typing disappearing invisible thread just made me giggle....

SO there ya have it. Patches are on and I am happy I made it work. However, I am not happy that I bought two spools of thread and have nothing to show for it. Bummer.

What crazy sewing mishaps have you had lately?! Or non-sewing mishaps?


  1. Disappearing invisible thread is pretty darn funny! And yes, chocolate does make everything a little better! My current sewing mishap involves a VERY old machine that I can't get to work. I may just have to buy a new one :(

  2. You know the thing about this thread is that it looks like you are looking at an empty spool. I have searched for mine before, and couldn't find it, until I dumped all the thread out of the box, and then I could see the shine of the imvisible thread! so double check again! How funny!

  3. YES...chocolate always makes everything all better, Jen. I also love to sew, but haven't done any this winter because I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. almost through therapy, though, and plan to go on a vacation to celebrate. Love reading about your crafts, as I've always enjoyed making things, too. I usually do a lot of crocheting and have made afghans for each of my kids & grandkids. Please stop by my blog and see if there's anyone you know who could benefit from reading my book. Also, look for me on Blogtalk Radio on March 16th...I'm being interviewed LIVE. I'm going to enjoy keeping up with your blog, Jen.
    God Bless,

  4. I have so many days like that I can't count. Thanks for sharing! It made me giggle as well. 8)