Monday, March 15, 2010

Cupcake Monday

Okay, not every Monday is a cupcake Monday, but when it's Spring Break and there is time for baking....we made cupcakes! Actually, it was just me (my boy was visiting his Nana), so I made them. The boy would really only be interested in the icing anyway....

So, for this Monday cupcake baking I made THESE!!! Go quick and check them out and get the recipe. SO delish looking aren't they?!

Mine did not come out nearly as pretty, but that's OK. I made work what was on hand. Like, I had no parchment paper, so I used plain old cupcake liners from the grocery store. They were also not the mini size, so I made the regular cupcake size.

These truly were super simple to make. AND so, so yummy! The icing was simple enough to make as well. Although, I have to say my powdered sugar decided to really live up to the powder part of it's name and go all over my kitchen counter. Probably more so because I don't have any fancy mixer and used just my non-fancy (and much loved) pyrex glass bowl. :)

I also didn't realize I forgot the orange zest in the cupcake batter until I had already baked them, but they still tasted delish, so no worries here.

Here are the finished lovelies

If I could I would so pass one out to each one of you that stops in for a visit here at my little blog! We can pretend though, yes?! Yes, so take one and enjoy!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Lovin' the Cupcake Monday idea!! (And, I think it SHOULD be every Monday!)

  2. Those are lovely! I think Cupcake Monday sounds fantastic. We have 'Afternoon Cookie Break' at our house.