Monday, March 1, 2010!

March, how quickly you came! I was enjoying the lull of January and, well, as much as I usually enjoy February...this year? It was full of sickness of both myself and my child.

But March?! March is full of promise. As a matter of fact, March is when my little girl in Russia has a birthday. A birthday I just might get to celebrate with her! Well, not in the traditional sense, since she really doesn't even quite know (or has ever had) a birthday party.

However.....we are expecting to travel pretty dern close to the actual date of her birthday!!! Wouldn't that be super crazy awesome?! Yes, yes it would.

So, March, let's keep with this excitement on your very first day. There is so much promise and the month is full of possibilities. I think I just want to hang today and soak it all in and enjoy it for the time being.

Then? Well, then I have to get busy making a very special little doll to take on our trip. Ah, joyousness.

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