Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet Little Doll for Anna

I knew these dolls were going to be addictive to make. Glad I made a pattern for them!

This one is for a sweet little girl we know who is turning one. Her birthday party was this past Saturday and I thought this little sweetie would be perfect for her....she's quite the sweetie herself!

Hmm, now, I am thinking there might be more that need to be made. And I have some other nifty hairstyles in mind.

Stay tuned....I am certain you will see more of these to come! Maybe even a pattern! I might even be inclined to have a GIVEAWAY! The possibilities are endless....


  1. Hi Jaime, I love this doll. She is so sweet and inspires me to make one, too.

  2. Amazing the stuff you can find on the internet when you can't sleep! I love your creativity!! You are very talented. I have really loved reading about all of your craftiness!

  3. Oh how Anna LOVES her "baba!" She sleeps with it and it goes to church with her. And, oh how we LOVE YOU!

  4. This is so cute!! thanks for popping into my blog! Look forward to getting to know you.