Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School Backpack Transformer Style

School is back in session and my boy has officially started Kindergarten!!! Wow, how the time flies!

But, before we took him to his first day of school, he got all spiffied up in his mama-embellished "Transformer" backpack.

Typically, the last couple years of pre-school and Pre-K, he has had mama-made backpacks. This year though, we went with a store bought one. I know, not the same...but it works!

We decided upon a simple blue backpack for school instead of the Transformer themed ones. Why? Just because. But, it still needed a little something. So, naturally, my crafty mind started thinking.

I spotted some of the packaging on one of his new transformer toys he had gotten for his birthday. I grabbed it, cut it out and decided to embroider a patch to put on his backpack.

I took some simple tissue paper and traced the image with my heat transfer pencil. I love that thing.

Then, I ironed it on some gray felt. Tada!

I then embroidered it in green. I wanted to do red, but the boy requested green since, after all, it is his favorite color!

The green doesn't show up too well in the photos, but oh well.

Then I pinned it one the backpack in the area the boy chose, which would be the lower left of the front of the pack.

I then hand stitched it to the pack like so.

Then carefully trimmed around it (would NOT want to have undone all the hand sewing with a wrong move with the scissors. that would be bad. ) and tada!

Personalized backpack for my Monkey Boy.

I would totally share the Transformer pattern I drew, but I am afraid the Transformer people would come after me. Sorry.


  1. I Love it with a capital L! (Plus, the former kindergarten teacher in me loves it even more - you won't have to worry about him taking home the wrong mass-produced transformer backpack by mistake!)

  2. So fun!! We're embellishing the Frog Princess' first grade backpack here too! I'm on the hunt for shrinky-dink film to make a tag for it as well.