Monday, June 22, 2009

How Time Zooms!!!

Wow, last week was just crazy busy and it wasn't until Thursday I realized I hadn't even done one blog post! Oops.

It was VBS (vacation bible school) at my church and I was helping out with the pre-k cooking class. Usually I do the art class, but I have to say I really enjoyed the cooking this year!

Meanwhile, back at the crafty-ness of things, not a single stitch of sewing was accomplished this last week. How sad. Not any crafty-ness at all really. I am having withdraw! Hopefully this week will provide some much needed crafty time. There is a little project I did manage to get started this past weekend, so maybe I will have some pics to show of that later in the week. Yay!

I am also terribly behind on responding to email and such. Between VBS and the time crunch of the home stretch in our adoption paperwork for our dossier, well, time has just not been plentiful for these things. AND it's Summer! So that means lots of swimming and the like happening, cause well, almost six year old boys just don't stay entertained with play-dough and cars anymore. They need lots...LOTS...of activity and play dates and stuff. Swimming usually does the trick. It's pretty much too HOT out there for much else. Hence why we will be having some sort of water party for his birthday coming up next month. Wait, next month! Eek! I have some planning to do!

So, I hope all had a lovely weekend and have a fabulous week! I will be back soon with (hopefully) some fun stuff to share.

Happy Monday!

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