Monday, June 8, 2009

Craft Hope Dolls

As promised, here are the pics of the sweet little dolls my niece and I made for Craft Hope Project 2.

There were some free patterns listed, but Mely and I decided to come up with our own. It reminded me of the time, at about the same age my niece is now, that my Gramms and I made my first handmade doll together, start to finish. I wanted so badly to learn to make a doll with my own pattern. So, my Gramms showed me how!

It is a memory that still feels like it just happened yesterday. I wish I still had that doll. She was lost in one of our moves and I have no idea what became of her. I do remember I named her Ruth ( after the one in the Bible ) and she had red yarn hair (it was what we had on hand) and a reddish-brown dress. Her body was made from a vintage white sheet. She was lovely.

These dollies are made from different cotton prints, flannel and a bit of felt for their hair. We hand embroidered their faces.

Mely was fascinated by the whole process and seemed to love tho whole thing, from start to finish. The girl has crafting in her blood apparently, as my sister told me that Mely told her "gifts made by hand are from the heart and are more special than those that are not handmade". Then she announced to me that she wants to make everyone handmade gifts this year! I love it.

I let my niece choose the fabrics. I think she did pretty good! She also got to use the sewing machine and put most of the blue one together.

I have to say, these dollies are addicting to make! I did end up making one more to send, but no picture here of her. I honestly wanted to make lots more!

Their size is perfect for using up bits of fabric stash. Very fun. Don't be surprised if you see more of these around here.


  1. Those are absolutely adorable!! Some of the cutest dolls I've seen.

  2. i LOVE that she said she wants to make all gifts handmade this year. what a wonderful thing you did by including her. looking forward to seeing what you come up with for project 3!