Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet Little Ones

I find I don't often get to make sweet, adorable little girl gifts lately. However, there has been quite a lot of baby girls arriving and still a few to come. The sweetness!

Having a boy, this type of thing is just not at all common around here...

I did a little something different this time around. I added some of these:

Now, I am a girly girl, but not too ruffly by any means. So, I did these ruffles with a little less frilly-ness. I think. Regardless, it was fun making them!

I also made a little "binky blanket" to go with it. Unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of it before I wrapped it up. Oh well .

Little baby fun!


  1. Look at those ruffles! So cute!

  2. So, so cute. I love your choice of fabric and color. Adorable!

  3. I LOVE little ruffle butts... very cute detail on the onesie!

  4. Molly sooo needs one like this! If you come up with another let me know!

    becca n.