Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hmm, just don't know about this facebook thing. My husband thinks I might like it and apparently I know several people that are already on it, but I just don't know.....would I like it? My hubby thinks I would cause it's a little like blogging, but, uhm....I have a blog that is hard enough to keep up with! I love it, but sometimes, well, it takes more time than I have. And, I am trying to get time arranged to where I have more to devote to blogging. My sister-in-law is on this facebook deal too. But really, could I seriously keep up with something else that is like blogging when I already have a blog?! And would I want to? Anyone else know about this facebook thing? Is it like a MySpace deal, cause (not to offend anyone that may be on that) that type of stuff is somewhat annoying to me. Please, tell me what you know! I admit, I am a little curious.

In other news......HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet Mona Lisa! How funny is it that her birthday is TAX day?!


  1. I'm not a fan of the my space/facebook stuff. I like blogging. but that's me. I don't need to find new friends - just keep up with the wonderful ones I have now. I've also made friends from my blog.

    I never have time to keep up with my blogs either.

  2. I'm on facebook. Mostly because I used to work for a college and my entire student staff was using it. Then my old college friends started joining and I was using it to keep in touch with them. But now my mommy friends are finding me and sending me quizzes like "Find your 80s song" and I'm starting to find it weird and annoying.

    For me, I just log in once a week or so and catch up with my old college friends. Other than that, it's a waste.

  3. I use facebook too, but it is what you make it. It's just like myspace, so if that's not your thing, you might not like it.

    I dont equate it to blogging, esp if you're an author of a blog. It doesnt require nearly as much time. I don't author a blog, but I read (ahem) a lot of blogs daily. I only check my facebook account once a week, and that only takes me about 15 minutes.

    I like it because all my cousins are on it, friends that I dont keep up with regularly over email are there, etc. So, it's a way to stay connected. A lot of people are (gasp) not bloggers. Do all your cousins and old college friends check your blog regularly? If they do, I think you're a lucky one!! Although, why wouldn't they, it's so cute?! :)

    But I think you'd be surprised how many people you know are on facebook and how nice it is to keep up with folks. Or to at least be able to go seek them out and send a quick 'hi' when you want to. Like I said, it is what you make it.

  4. I'm on Facebook but only because my oldest son is there. I'm on MySpace, too, but at least can figure that out. Facebook? Totally lost.

    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, so check it out!

  5. I ignore all the quizzes and games and addon bits and just use it to see the photos my friends upload and shoot the occasional message back and forth. So it's nothing like blogging for me.

    I totally can't be bothered with any of the add on bits but love that some of my old friends from school etc have got in contact with me from it and that I can see pics of them and their families and get links to their blogs and... :D

  6. Hey- I ran across a fabric contest on another blog, and thought you might be interested. It's for cotton tye-dyed quilt squares, but I think someone creative (like you, not me!) could use them for other things too! Just wanted to share...

  7. Jaime,
    I'm a facebook user, too!! Hope you will add me. I love it. It's been fabulous for finding friends from high school. Great for being in "touch" with fellow photographers, too. I think each person has a reason they find to stay at Facebook. I love it.