Sunday, January 13, 2008

a little shattered

My favorite coffee mug was smashed to bits yesterday. My poor, dear husband (who happens to be the one who gave it to me before we were married) was taking it to the kitchen (for me) to poor me some coffee and as he was passing through the laundry (which I had just folded from the dryer) he slipped on a dryer sheet (oops, missed that one!) and went sliding into the kitchen and SMASH! went my mug. I am pretty bummed about it. I've been drinking my coffee out of it for the past ten, did I just say TEN years??? Didn't realize it's been that long. Well, seeing how we're coming up on eight years of marriage (LOVE that man!) and he gave it to me before then, which was about two years before we were married....yup, it would be that long! Oh, how coffee will not be the same.....

Good news is, my adoring husband is OK! Coffee mug, well I think the picture says enough about that. Anyone have any good ideas on what do to with broken pieces of a mug that may or may not be replaceable? Other than toss it, of course.


  1. save it for a ceramic mosaic project someday!

  2. Yes..a mosaic or arrange the pieces in a shadow box?

  3. Have you adopted a new favorite coffee cup yet???