Friday, May 4, 2012

Things That Inspire

I've been working with a new craft medium of late. I've wanted to work with it some time, but was too chicken...which is odd for me since I'm mostly fearless with new methods and ways to sew and make things.

However, this latest was something a long time in the making. Growing up, my Gramms was a huge and constant woman of inspiration to me. She was the one that took me to church with her and showed me what a godly walk really looked like. I don't know if she ever knew the impact she had on my life, but it continues to this day.

This necklace? Very much inspired by my Gramms and  some good life lessons I've learned along the way in this roller coaster called life.

During our time spent together, she would always, always read her Bible. I remember one particular passage in the book of Matthew. In chapter 17, more specifically. It talked about faith of a mustard seed. I remember asking her a bazillion questions about it and being amazed at the tiny mustard seed. So tiny. And with faith even that small, such big things are so possible.

It still amazes me.

So, in honor of my Gramms, I introduce you to the Mustard Seed Pendant. They can be found HERE.

Happy Friday!

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