Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Randomness On A Tuesday

Life has been a bit crazy of late. TaeKwonDo tournaments, birthdays, flag football practices and games, baby showers....

Sharing a little of my adoption heart over HERE

Working on new items and getting some ready to restock in the shop.

Making cupcakes {more later on that}

And playing with some fun new felt!

Over the weekend I made this fun new coffee cuff for myself to test out:
Lurve it. I needed a new Russia one to reflect my littlest little's personality. This does it. :)

It's a new eco friendly wool blend I am thinking of adding to the mix of my felt items in the shop. Recently, I tried out another new and fabulous felt, but not sure it's going to make the cut {haha}. I lurve it as well, but after a few weeks of testing it out compared to the eco friendly felt I've been using, it's just not quite what I was expecting. However, I could totally see it being used in some other crafty applications in the future, just not my coffee cuffs.

{I see a blog post dedicated to felt in my future...}

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