Friday, March 16, 2012


Yay! Look! I'm actually doing an InstaFriday post! Think it's been too long....

This week was our Spring Break. Fun times full of plenty of activity and just enough down time to recharge for next week....except, I still need to finish laundry. Life. 

Freshening the house up with a fun {found on Pinterest} tutorial. Smelled goood. Will do it again. 

Then spent some time at the in-laws while the hubby's sister and family were in town. Sunshine LOVES her PapaDoc. LOVES him. I think he's pretty fond of her too. ;)

We also got to spend some time with my sister and her kiddos and learned little Miss Sunshine is fearless when it comes to climbing trees! Seriously. Wish this pic showed just how high and FAST this little bit can climb! Gave this mama a heart-attack! But I love that she's is strong and courageous. 
Aaaand. She made up for my heart palpitations by having plenty of "mama, hold me pease!" moments. Love. 
Then we hit the trails bike riding. Her first time riding in the trailer...thankfully she loved it! I however am pretty sure I could count the blades of grass as a ever so slowly creeped up a few hills with the added 45 pounds. Seriously. Ouch. Jelly legs! But totally worth it! 
On the ride we got to see some Bluebonnets! It's our Texas state flower and we hardly saw a single one last year with the drought. This year though, we've gotten enough rain to actually get a few! Yay! 
Ahhh. And Sunshine and I got to stop by our local Russian market on the way home from our weekly Russian lessons this week. She was literally giddy about it! Me too...being of eastern european heritage on my mom's side, I am able to get things there I grew up eating. Yum!
Speaking of the Sunshine. Curls! Love them. And her. 
And then there is my boy. Oh my big kid that hardly ever lets me take pictures of him anymore. But! We got to work on a fun project together, just for him, while the littlest little {aka Sunshine} took a nap. It was fabulous and I will be back Monday with a tutorial on how we did it! Super easy and super fun. 

And that pretty much wraps up our Spring Break week. Happy times. :)
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  1. What fun stuff. My son used to say, mild tease. I love how they say the cutest words when they are little.