Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Bag Awesomeness! {a tutorial}

Last week was Spring Break here in our part of the world. Which meant lots of bike riding, trampoline jumping and, of course, a trip or two to the library.

I happen to have a big kid who LOVES to read. Devours books. And? He needed a new book bag to transport all the book awesomeness to and from the library.

SO, off we went to the craft store {JoAnns this round} and picked up a messenger style bag in black. I thought about going the Bleachy Tee route, but the boy decided he wanted it in color, so we went more the craft paint route {more on that below}.

Then my boy drew a design he wanted on the bag. A robot. Or monster robot, as he called it.
{I love my 8 year old boy}

Then, we took the bag and I handed him my chalk pencil and let him just go with his design how he wanted it on the bag
{PS this is a GREAT big kid craft project, but for smaller littles, mama could transfer the design to the bag }
Then he chose the paint color(s) he wanted to use. He decided to let me to the painting part of things. I simply took some craft paint and textile medium {both bought at Hobby Lobby a while back} and mixed them together on a paper plate. Much like I do for Freezer Paper Stenciling.
Then, just a small paint brush {had it on hand, but got it at Hobby Lobby in a value pack of craft paint brushes} and painted away, going directly over the chalk. It took a couple coats since it was on black, but after about three it was the color he wanted, so we left it at that and let it dry.
A couple hours later, I went ahead and heat set it with the iron and pressing cloth {or scrap fabric piece is what I usually use } and VOILA!

Rockin' new book bag for my boy. :)

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