Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Like This

Do you ever just look around your house and see it? I mean, really see it for the season and moment it's in?

Those moments where you're family is running about here and there and life is crazy and you're just trying to get through the day....and then suddenly you have a quiet moment and you just look around. And it hits you...

This won't be this way forever.

I had one of these moments the other day. I picked up my camera and just wondered throughout the house capturing little glimpses of things that I want to remember. Remembering my house, my children...this season...just like this.

With LEGOs lined up along the window sill...

And this happy little Sunshine running about.

That our game cabinet holds more children's games than not. Including our vintage Battle Ship my son cherishes because he played it with my Gramms all the time.

And Perry The Platypus earbuds my son got from his grandparents for Christmas

The random items my children leave on the sofa.

Those rare {and very brief} still moments with Sunshine just playing. Doing puzzles together and it just being us before we go get big brother.

I know it will all go too fast. I want to remember things....just like this.


  1. Thanks for sharing a little part of your special. When my children were small, we didn't have blogs or facebook or even digital cameras. Hence my memories are stored in 14 picture albums on the bookshelf...and in my mind, of course. But I do know those moments when you look around and savour the sweetness of the days. I use to call them snapshot moments, and I would take little "snapshots" in my mind and "save as..." never to be forgotten. Your children are so blessed to have been placed in such a loving, God filled home with you and Brent as parents. It's not just your eyes and your camera that see these things. It's your heart.

  2. awww i know that newborn-ness is tough and our house is a mess, but it definitely won't last this way forever.. and i'm sure i'll miss it!

  3. I'm a new follower from Sandy a la Mode. Thanks so much for the giveaway over there!