Friday, August 12, 2011


Ya know it's been a long (or good?) week when there is a coffee theme to one's pics. For realz.

However, I'm gonna start off at last Friday....
This is one of my FAVE local Austin places to get pizza. It's in SoCo (known as South Congress) in downtown. LOVE it. My boy calls it "the best pizza in the universe". They also have garlic knots and yum salads.

Over the weekend, we got our craft on. I made up some more Vintage Dictionary Pendants and my boy made a pirate ship. He so rocks.

We also headed to the G-parents for a bit and my boy got to do some concrete surfing. Fun stuff.

Earlier in the week, we had to go downtown again for some adoption paper work chasing and I got to swing by my FAVE local Austin coffee place. Caffe Medici. Mmmm. Ironically, this pic? Had nothing to do with that coffee place, just happens to be a sign I saw when driving around and snapped it. :)

There were some Lego happenings around the house....plenty of heads seeming to be lost?! Who knows....

I stopped by my sisters for a bit one day and she gave me a belated B-Day present. Or early...either way it's funny because my birthday was in May and we already did a sister deal with that. BUT, my sis saw this on her vacation and said she HAD to get it for me. I laugh because it's as-big-as-yo-head huge! Plus, my niece will always tell her "Auntie Jaime can make anything!. So, there ya have it.

My boy is into TaeKwonDo. Big time. Loves it. Apparently is was a harder session....he fell asleep on the way home while playing his DS.

Oh look! Me....with what else, but an iced mocha! Oh yes, it was a HOT day and I needed a lovely iced beverage. With caffeine. And of course a coffee cuff to keep my hands from being all wet and cold.

And I leave you with my morning. I love how the sun filters into the dining room in the morning. Just makes me happy.

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  1. Light in the morning is so wonderful! I used to need a shower to wake up till we started sleeping with our blinds half open. Now I just pop out of bed.... Sometimes.

  2. goshhhh i love home slice....i took my parents there when they came to visit. AND i work at the galaxy right across from caffee medici!