Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not Just About Me

I have a heart for adoption. A HUGE crazy heart for orphans. Orphans all over the world, but for me, the place God has placed on my heart is Eastern Europe.

Since I was a little, little girl I knew Eastern Europe was somehow going to be a place that I was involved in when I grew up. A place I had heard about....heard about children that needed care. That needed families. That simply needed. Orphans.

And I am going to go out on a limb and say's not just about adoption. Yes, children all over the world are in need of homes and people to truly love and care for them. But, what about the ones who never find their forever homes? Their forever families? What about the ones that age out of the system?

They have little hope. No where to go and no one to reach out to. These children, these orphans, are targets . Targets for trafficking, for drug and alcohol abuse...and so much more. I don't like to think about it, but I cannot help it.

It's my heart. My heart to reach out and do something more. Yes, we are adopting a little girl and yes, we know that is our calling at this time. But, we know we are called to do more...

Orphan care. Former orphans...children aged out of the system. What about them?

I started making coffee cuffs last year and also have made them for other families adopting from different countries. I LOVE, love being able to help out others with a similar calling. Those answering the call to adopt. And through that, I realized this adoption journey? It is not just about me.

So not just about me. I want to help others. I want to help these children that do not have a forever family and a place to call home. A place to be loved.

So, I have made up three different Coffee Cuffs. All three are countries in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia.

For each coffee cuff sold, I will be donating half the proceeds to an organization that is devoted to helping these children. These aged out orphans.

The organization I have chosen is called The Harbor. You can find out more about them HERE.

These Coffee Cuffs will be making their debut in the SHOP next week. "Design Your Own" will be available for these as well.

These will be available in the shop until Dec. 1st. Then, not again until the New Year.

Will you help spread the word? What is your calling or God sized dream?


  1. I love this! really really really LOVE this!

  2. um...okay I should explain. I don't love the situation these children are in, at all. And my heart is broken as well. You know that. But I love that you are taking a stand, doing something bigger, something more! That's what I love.

  3. ITA, Leigh - I love that Jaime is taking a stand too ... doing more. And those coffee sleeves are adorable! You are amazing & I've so enjoyed our tweetership! ;)

  4. Love what you are doing!
    My heart is with the foster system. Breaks my heart there are kids RIGHT NOW in my area who have no home.

    So... a big reason we moved was to have more space to foster. Already have it on my list to call the woman in charge of Monday to find out what we can do to help them fulfill their wish list for the holidays.