Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Sunshine

My take on sunshine is not your typical sunny beaches with brightly colored beach umbrellas sprinkled about.

It's not backyard slip n slides, bubble blowing and green grass...

Or the smell of sunscreen and chlorine mingled in the clothes to be washed from days spent outside in the sun.

I love all those things, but what I think about when I hear the word 'sunshine' is a person who's life forever changed mine for the better.

My Gramms.

(my Gramms when she was around 18 years of age)

My Gramms favorite color was yellow and her favorite flowers were yellow roses. She loved sun drenched Fall days and the golden colored leaves mingling as they fell to the ground.

She had the best laugh and would fill a room with sunshine when she smiled.

She knew how to make anyone feel welcome and her home was always a happy place to be.

Sunshine. My grandmother was full of beautiful sunshine....

And on those rare sunny days in the Fall, when a glimpse of sunshine is peaking through the trees and the golden colored leaves...I will be thinking of her. Missing her.

Sunshine was my Gramms.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. What a beautiful way to remember a beautiful woman!

    {visiting from GussySews}

  2. She sounds like such a beautiful person! I'm so thankful for people who bring the sunshine into our lives :) Stopping by from Gussy!

  3. So sweet and touching. I was drawn to the picture but then swept in by your words. I, too, had such a grandmother and I miss her terribly. I'm redoing my kitchen right now and when I think of cooking, I know that love comes from her. I want to hang a large portrait of her on my breakfast room wall, but it seems that no one has one. I'll keep looking. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  4. Beautiful post! I could feel the sunshine in the way you used the words to paint that picture. What a sweet tribute to your Gramms!

  5. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing... :)

  6. such a beautiful tribute. LOVE

  7. what a beautiful tribute! LOVE.