Monday, July 25, 2011


Over the weekend my son turned eight.

Someone hold me.

Eight. How can this be?!

I probably say it every year, but I cannot believe it has been this long. Eight years.

My boy. He loves math, reading, TaeKwonDo,  Music. Oh yes, music....a beat he hears and his feet he can't keep still. (He gets it from me). Even more so, he loves God. His current 'I want to be' when he grows up is a fire fighter and a race car driver. He's also already started saving for his first bike....

The motorcycle kind.

Help me now.

This boy. Eight short years ago fit so easily into a cuddle and now? Now barely can fit on my lap when he does want a snuggle moment with his mama.

Nerf gun waring, trampoline jumping, popsicle eating, donut loving, beat the pants off me Wii playing, fun loving, contagious giggle producing, beach loving....and much more...boy of mine.

Happy Birthday my son. You are incredible. You are smart. You are loved.

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