Monday, May 2, 2011

Just 203 To Go!

It's been a while since I have mentioned much about adoption fundraising, but this just might be my last post on it for a while. At least for our family. Yes, we plan to adopt again in the future, but right now we are focused on Songbird and the time is coming fast to when we finally get to bring her home.


We still have a puzzle to finish! I've mentioned it before and there are details about it HERE.

It's no secret that adoption can be costly. I haven't calculated it yet, but I'm pretty sure FedEx has received quite a chunk of it. Let's just say...sending paperwork over half way around the world (whether the size of a novel or just two documents) is pricey!

SO...if you don't mind helping to spread the word, we just have 203 pieces to go! We'd love to be able to finish it before we leave.

***Update: Now just 193 to go!***

ALSO....a little something extra for you! If you click above about the details, you will see that each piece can be sponsored for $5. I am also offering you another option! From now until May 12 (when LBC closes  shop until July) any purchase made at Little Bird will count towards finishing the puzzle! All you have to do is enter coupon code Songbird to receive 15% off your order and in the notes just tell me you'd like to be added to "the missing piece" to help finish the puzzle!

How does that sound?! Good? Hope so...I would love to be able to put as many names as possible to show our Songbird just how much so many care and love her.

Thank you and, if you would, please help spread the word around blog and twitterverse!

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