Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Your Word?

I've had this vintage dictionary for as long as I can remember. Since I was a little girl, I can remember looking through it and it just always being around. I remember I used it to press pretty flowers I had picked as a child. Fun times, fun memories.

It once belonged to my Gramms. Then, she gave it to me. It has since been sitting on a bookshelf, unused, for quite some time. It's old. The binding is coming undone.

As I was sitting in my family room one day, I looked over at it. I thought about how I could repurpose it. How, even though it's beginning to fall apart, I could bring new life to it's pages filled with words.

Then, I thought back to THIS post and was instantly inspired.

And then I made these:

Vintage dictionary wordy pendants. At least, that is what I am currently calling them. They will soon be available in my shop.

BUT! Before I do that, I am thinking I should give one away to one of you!

So, tell me....what's your word? What is your word for 2010 or even what you are thinking of your word being for 2011?

Just leave a comment telling me your word and if you'd like a simple square (7/8") or lovely rectangle (7/8" by 1 1/4").

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Then, just come back here and leave an additional comment for each! I will draw a winner next Saturday!


  1. so cute, Jaime :) Started following you with my June {Vintage} sign-in (not sure if that counts!)
    And my word for 2010 would be all rides on hope now!

  2. My word would be "knowledge" as I have gained a lot this year.

  3. I am a follower

  4. What a great idea! I think my word would be blessed or blessing.

  5. LOVE IT! They're beautiful!

    My word is ubiquitous.

    Kidding! My real word is "passion"

  6. So adorable! I love them. I would go for the lovely rectangle. The word that I think I like the most would be Family. It really means alot to me and then I could keep it close to my heart! Thanks

  7. Jaime, you know I love your necklace! So creative and cute! My word(s) would be SURVIVOR or MERCY!

  8. I was looking for etsy shops selling items to raise money for adoption when I came across you! (I actually know I've seen things from you before, but I'm a bit scatterbrained.)

    My word would be "hope." Hope that we will figure out how to make an adoption work. Hope that those trying to adopt are successful. Hope that others will hear the call. And I would love a lovely rectangle if I win!

  9. Jaime - these are beautiful! My word for 2010 would be "lucky" since I feel very lucky these days. Plus, it's my boy dog's name and he's just the sweetest!


    @traytray on Twitter