Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Burlap Can Be Itchy...

Over the weekend I made some no-sew cafe curtains for my kitchen window. Typically, I like to sew things, but I decided to try my hand at the no-sew kinda way.

I chose burlap mainly because we have bamboo shades in our family room, but could not find any (in our budget that is) that would fit nicely in the kitchen. And since the kitchen and family room are connected in a way that would be pretty noticeable, if say I were to choose like hot pink or something for the curtains (not that I would choose that color...) so the burlap was chosen for it's ability to go nicely with the texture and colors of the bamboo.

Anyhoo...so I grabbed me some burlap (which you can find at most Joann's or Hobby Lobby's) and got enough to make two panels, which for me was just over 2yards. Then I measured and cut it to the length I wanted (making sure to add allowance for when I hemmed it up)

Then I took the amazing stitchwitchery (also found at your local craft/fabric store) and followed the manufacturers instructions for bonding it to the fabric.

(sorry for the not so focused pic...)

Then I took them, hung them up with some curtain clip dealy-bobs and folded them and placed clothes pins on them to help the fabric bend where it needed to. Otherwise you have this big, flat panel that just won't hang right.

I let them hang out like that for a couple hours...

And...voila! My burlap no-sew cafe curtains! Easy peasy right?!

And a totally random side note....burlap is itchy! But you probably already knew that. :)

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  1. just wandering around the internet and i found your blog. i LOVE these curtains. adorable!