Friday, January 8, 2010

I Heart Mail!

Looky what the post lady brought me today!!!

A sweet little package from a giveaway I won. I NEVER win things! This is very exciting...

Inside the package was this little package:

And inside that little package were these adorable goodies!

My favorite being these precious dolls, for OBVIOUS reasons. :)

Thank You Clara!


  1. I had not seen your other site until tonight! I wish I could have donated more! I am so thrilled for your family! My prayers are with you and that sweet child that God has picked out for your family! Yay! I tweeted and blogged for you!

  2. score from the giveaway. I love your little man's quilt! I can't make a quilt to save my life. I will keep at it. I think it's wonderful too, that some of your coffee sleeve sales will go to Haiti. That's really cool of you, it has been really heartbreaking.