Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shark Cupcakes

Here are some post birthday bash photos of the Shark Cupcakes I made for my son's birthday this past weekend.

I had some leftover cupcakes without frosting on them, so I decided to make some more (frosting in a can with food coloring) icing and put it on them. Then I decided since I hadn't gotten any photos at the party of the cupcakes before they were gobbled up (apparently Duncan Hines is a hit with it's dark chocolate fudge and french vanilla moist cake mix turned cupcakes!), I made some more chocolate sharks and topped them.

I have to say, the icing was rather tricky and had a mind of it's own. It took the food coloring great, but it sometimes went all melty on some cupcakes, but not others. Odd. I put it in the fridge before frosting them and it seemed to do a little better that way. Oh well, they tasted good anyway. That's what counts, right?!

The blue ones ended up a little darker blue than the ones I made for the party. I like how they turned out, but boy does it make a mess on the face!

No matter. It's all washable.

For the chocolate molds, I used a Wilton lollipop mold that has five different designs, including the shark, a fish, sea horse, turtle and starfish. I really just wanted the sharks, but I gave in and made all the different ones (all solid colors cause HA! all that detailed work would have killed me!.), since it would have taken me days to make enough sharks. Yeah, no.

It made me laugh at what an impression these cupcakes made. Honestly, it was not THAT much additional work for the chocolate lollipops. And it's what my child requested and it was totally within reason of being able to be done, so I did it. Plus, they made great toppers that were edible. :)

It was a fun party and my son had a blast. I still cannot believe he is another year older....if I think too much about it I will cry! So, I will stop here.

Happy Tuesday!