Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stash and Dash Teddy

Received note home from school (this morning) mentioning a picnic and a teddy bear and bringing it to school as a surprise before the 12th. Wait, that's tomorrow! Eek. Oh, and child cannot know about it. M'kay....Apparently the note was not gotten sooner because the Monkey Boy had been home sick the day it was originally supposed to come home. Dandy.

So off to my stash I went and grabbed some brown fleece.(because, for some reason, there are no teddy bears around here small enough to sneak to a teacher) Grabbed a pattern I made up for something or other a while back. A few pins, scissors and some sewing machine work later, with a little stuffing mixed in....

And V O I L A! A Mama-made teddy bear.

Then, I dashed off to pick up my boy (with teddy concealed in a paper bag) and amazingly enough was able to pass it to his teacher without my boy seeing it. Otherwise, he would have asked a million questions and the gig would've been up. Whew.


  1. He's cute! What did they end up doing with the bears?

  2. Thanks for the bear love...
    They had a "teddy bear picnic" type of deal on the school playground. Very fun and he LOVED his bear. Whew. :)