Friday, February 13, 2009

MegaBYTE Love

I think I shall call this the year of the robot. To date we have the robot backpack, robot finger puppets, now some robot finger puppets turned valentines, and when the boy turns 6 (eek! this year), he wants a "Robot Birthday". Help me now.

However, I am lovin' the robots. More than anything, I love being a mom. And as some (like my sister, how I do love her) may think this is a bit much to make these, I say it was ridiculously fun! Seriously. It was a blast. It was nice to work on a simple kid project with him. Sewing, especially by hand, is incredibly relaxing for me. But, I think what I really liked about this, was just like his backpack and the finger puppets, this was his little idea and I just helped with the sewing part of it. My hubby was very sweet and printed the cards off for me while I sat all cozy on the sofa sewing these together. They only took about fifteen minutes, really. Well, sewing them together did. The other bits (eyes and mouth) are ironed on. And that didn't take long either. So much fun!

So, to all I hope you have a Fabulous "megabyte" Valentines Day!

Next honor of my 100th (that's it?) post, there will be a giveaway! I'm not sure what it will be yet, but it will be fun! I hope. Oh, and it will really be my 102 post, but let's pretend it's the 100th, k? K.

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. wow! i thought it was only on tv sitcoms that kids actually take lots of valentines to school and swap them, but it's for real?
    You learn something new every day!
    How sweet - and I love how you say you love being a mum and doing this stuff, awww. You are the ninja mama :D

  2. LOL...yeah, it's true. Massive amounts of valentines are given. :) Plenty for a good sugar rush too when candy is added to the paper valentine...We chose to omit the candy in his and went with a handmade toy instead. Hehe..."ninja mama". Awesome.