Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, Hi There!

There I go again, disappearing out of bloggy land completely unintentionally....

Much has been going on. You know those times where you sit down for a brief moment, having every intention of writing one a many blog posts and actually hitting "publish", but before you can something or other interrupts you? Like little arms wanting a hug, a sweet little voice asking if I could please "cutted up an apple for me, mom?!". Those moments of random snuggle times, and school days off and family gatherings you just can't, and don't want to, ignore. Yeah, that's where I've been. There, along with a trip to Disney World (whew! Whatta trip!) and then very soon after arriving home, my husbands dear, sweet Mammaw passed away. In some ways I suppose it was expected, but others ways I know I wasn't ready for it. Then again, I am never ready to lose a loved one. Especially when I feel I didn't get to spend enough time visiting with them. Not that we didn't want to, just the distance between can be difficult to close as often as we would like. I am very thankful though that our last visit with her was such a good one and my son really got to visit with his great-grandmother. He thought she was funny and enjoyed his visits while we had them.

We miss you Mammaw.

Then, there has been the whole CPSIA I even want to go there? Not really, but one must I suppose when their fun little handmade biz is at risk. To think that in less than a month, either major changes need to take place, or Little Bird Creations (along with countless others) will no longer be in the baby and kid biz! I will still be around though, there will just be some changes. Some good, some sad to see go. Nonetheless, changes.

So, I will be here and there, and hopefully have more fun, uplifting posts to come! Lots going on behind the scenes...lots to share soon enough!

Meanwhile, Happy Weekend to all!

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