Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Things

Well, FINALLY I have my new laptop (long story..old computer died) and things are starting to get back to normal. Well, almost normal. There have been many, many changes the past few weeks and this Summer has been one of many transitions. Let's do a little recap shall we?

-husband changed jobs (this is a very good thing)

-my son's best friend moved away ( this is a not very good thing)

-my computer died and left me having to wait for my hubby's puter to get home with him everyday for me to use ( this worked, but was very painful. I do not recommend it )

-My son's school called and announced that the Kindergarten class has been cancelled ( very, very NOT good thing) I would say more, but I should not. My mother taught me that if I did not have something nice to say, I should not say it at all. And I do not have anything nice to say about it. No, that is not true. I do. Read on to find out what....

-random person came to door and said they wanted to buy Hubby's truck. So we sold it. Now we are a one car family and I LOVE it! I know, I am sure most think I am nuts, but with my husbands new job and how close it is, it totally works for us. Saves on gas too, which is a very good thing.

-The school situation...well, we chose to look at it as a blessing is disguise and made the best of the situation. I could have been mad and yelled and just made others cry too, but what use would that be? None. And it certainly would not show God's love either. Something very important to me. We had discussed having our son attend a "bridging" program before officially entering K5, being that he is a late Summer birthday and all, and knew even though he was going to be attending a half day kinder program, we still might be doing that anyway come next Fall. So, that is what we are doing. We found a great school, closer to home that he will attend K4 and then next year officially go to "big kid kindergarten" as the Monkey Boy likes to call it. Whew, panic attack averted. I have to admit though, being this late in the year and school about to start, I was pretty nervous about even being able to find something with an available opening! Thankfully, the school we are going to had just opened another class for his age....yay!

Of course, this does mean a new backpack is in order. More of that to come along with some other fun back to school projects I've been working on.

It's good to be back and blogging again.....

Happy Monday to you!

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  1. I'm so sorry about the Kinder situation, Jamie! I'm thankful that God has His PERFECT plan ready, available, and waiting for Jacob. You will be very please at RR Christian!