Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vintage Words

A while back on twitter I asked other adoptive mamas what ONE word would they use to describe their adoption journey. There were several {amazing} words. I loved them all. I decided to turn some of those words into pendants. 

These are just a few,but still so powerful. Whether in one's adoption journey or just life itself. Whatever your year holds and plans and dreams. 

I believe there is HOPE:

I do BELIEVE in strength and truth and promises:


There is so much GRATITUDE. To the people, families, and those that have taken that leap of faith:

It is a JOURNEY. It may not be an easy one, but it's not about the end result {although wonderful}, it's about the journey. How will it go?

{These can all be found in the SHOP}

There are truly so many more words that could describe it all. These are just a few. What word would you choose to describe your journey, your life goals? 

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