Friday, April 1, 2011

A Little Update

You might have already seen these listed in the shop, but I thought I would share a little more about the NEW adjustable Little Bird Coffee Cuffs.

I have been using mine for a little over a month now and have to say, love it! Mainly because the weather is already warming up here where I am (like, it's going to be almost 90degrees today!) and once the weather starts getting up there, I like to drink me some iced coffee beverages. comes the new Little Bird adjustable coffee cuff!

It still works on the hot coffee (or tea or hot cocoa) to-go cups, BUT it will also stretch to adjust to most iced coffee (or tea) beverages too! Fun, huh?! Another fun thing? I even use mine on my reusable travel coffee cup!

Also....I know some of you might be pretty excited about this (I hope), but the Songbird and I *heart* Sewing Coffee Cuffs will soon be in the shop with the "Design Your Own" option!

K...enough shop update.

Happy Friday to you!


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