Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometimes Ya Gotta Just Let Go...

We went to the beach this past weekend for a little family getaway and to celebrate my son's birthday. He wanted more than anything (anything!) to go to the beach for his birthday. So, we did!

We found a place right on the beach that fit our adoption budget. No frills or fancy, but we just wanted to hang on the beach, so we took the no frills.

It was kinda nice not having to plan, send invites and all that jazz this year. Not that I mind doing that, but having a low-key, stress free planning of a simple birthday party just can't be beat. At least this year for our family....we've had enough stress and crazy to last a while!

So, we headed to the beach. I do not have many pictures of our beach vacation. One, our goal was to spend time together and just chill.

We did.

Another goal? To boogie board with my son and build a sand castle.

We did.

These things take time and as much as I wanted to just grab the camera at so many different moments, I didn't. It was hard, but I knew that in all the running and grabbing the camera and snapping would mean losing out on the memories being made in those precious moments.
(this pic taken by my boy)

Maybe I don't have a gazillion photos to show for it, but the snapsots in my memory.....in my son's memory, are priceless.

I want him to remember this beach vacation/birthday celebration, not with his mama constantly with a camera stuck on her face attempting to capture the moments, but actually making memories by being together.....and boogie boarding.

Oh, and also? My camera battery died and we forgot more batteries to switch out with. We got some more the next day, but ya know what?! It forced me to put the camera down, relax and just let go....

It was fabulous.

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