Thursday, October 9, 2008


Could it be?!

There I was, in my little world just sewing away on my serger when the thread just snapped! I wondered how such a thing could I re-threaded and started up again...

Then it snapped again! I looked at the spool and found this:

This ever happened to you? I've never seen such a strange thing before! It literally looks like it was just sliced nice and neat just right there. Crazy I say!

But, it kinda represents what I feel like this week.....shredded thread. Lovely, huh? It's been a crazy busy week and, not that that's bad really, I like to keep busy. Just when the busy-ness included packing for a trip out of town. And that trip out of town is to go and say "good-bye" to a very dear friend that lost his battle with cancer and just passed away this last Saturday.

Very sad. I leave tomorrow and I cannot believe it's actually happening. It's still sinking in, but I know as soon as we arrive there and see our other friends and his family, it will become all too real.

SO, not that I have been all too active the past couple weeks, but I might be out of bloggy-ness for a bit. Maybe just a week or so, but will be back before the end of October, promise!

Have a good weekend all. Stay healthy and hug your family and friends!


  1. Jaime, I'm so sorry for your loss. Big hugts to you!

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. Lots of Love, Becca Nanny

  3. ugh, cancer sucks.

    hugs to you.

    sliced thread ain't much chop either.

    more hugs.

    go well...

  4. Sorry to hear your sad news. :(